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Underfloor heating isn’t a new concept, the Romans used it to heat their homes and public buildings.

Because an underfloor heating system heats a room by radiation, through the floors, the air temperature is always highest at floor level and decreases steadily as it rises up. Radiation, like the heat we get from the sun, is the most natural and comfortable form of heating.

A conventional radiator system heats a room by a process called convection which results in the floor being the coolest part of the room and a warm mass of air at the ceiling, not where you want the heat to be !

Underfloor heating has become a very popular form of heating in Ireland. Because of its superior comfort and efficiency, people are discovering that a radiant underfloor heating system has more advantages than they imagined. Underfloor heating gives a constant, clean, safe and comfortable heat, the absence of unsightly radiators makes furniture placement easier and creates a safer home environment with no exposed hot surfaces, ideal where there are children around. People all over Ireland are switching over to the benefits and cost savings that underfloor heating offers.

Most conventional heating systems use warm water, usually around 50ºC to 80ºC, which is circulated through radiators in the heating systems.

For new constructions the installation of underfloor heating is straight forward. For concrete floors, a heating pipe matrix is usually laid out on top of insulation before the screed covers the pipe matrix and finishes the construction of the floor. The system is controlled by a series of thermostats which signal the heat pump to distribute heat when required.

Why install underfloor heating ?

Traditional heating systems simply heat just the air. This air is then blown into the room, creating drafts and temperature fluctuations. Warm air rises, so to maintain a comfortable temperature level the air must be heated to temperatures of 120°F or higher.


Radiant heating quietly and continuously warms the room by constantly circulating warm water through pipes located beneath the floor. The heat radiates upward and warms everything in the room, especially you. Imagine standing in direct sunlight - that's the feeling of radiant heating. Under floor heating offers great comfort.

By warming the entire floor, it efficiently raises the temperature of everything in the room. You can actually lower your thermostat setting while enjoying the same level of comfort and reducing your heating bills by anything up to 30%.

Underfloor heating installation

Wet installations are most common in new homes and consist of pouring gypsum based concrete over pipes installed in the floor space. When the system is operating, the warm water circulates through the pipes and distributes it evenly throughout the floor and to everything in the room.

A dry installation is commonly used when a poured floor just isn't practical. In this case, the pipe is placed in the joist space or underneath a suspended wood floor, or on top of the subfloor. Warm water circulates through the pipes and warms the floor above it. In the absence of the concrete used in the "wet" installation method above, heat transfer plates may be used with the pex pipe to help to distribute the heat evenly.

Imagine enjoying the warmth and comfort of an energy-efficient system that radiates warm, even heat throughout your home.

MEM Plumbings radiant under floor heating system works by circulating warm water through a network of cross linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes placed in the floor. The surface area of the floor gently radiates heat throughout the room.

Radiant heating can be installed in a single room, or throughout your home, and can be used with a variety of heat sources, and floor coverings.

For the ultimate in comfort and economy, room temperatures can be individually controlled using multiple thermostats.

It works great with today's open floor plans, especially in areas with high ceilings. There are no heaters, radiators or vents to work around making furniture placement a snap.

Say goodbye to cold feet and drafty rooms forever and discover the comfort of radiant floor heating for yourself !

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